Friday, September 25, 2009

Twenty things you didn't know about Shelly Daly of A Stone's Throw.

1. I am friendly to a fault, a Midwesterner from Ohio. This can be embarrassing to my children, but the truth is that I am really shy.
2. I love grids. Grid paper, man made grids, natural grids, grids I make, grid pillows, grid walls, especially black and white checkerboards…I think I might even think in grids…it helps me to organize things. Visiting my house will confirm this.
3. Public speaking will be the death of me…I cannot do it so don't even ask. The best I can do is to sit and read something out loud. I shake, my heart palpitates and my brain seizes to function. This can be limiting.
4. I have so many ideas… that I might try to share them with you.
5. I am a great mom and if this is the crowning achievement of my life, I will be happy. I don't know how this happened but I am grateful.
6. In my next life I want long legs.
7. I have a friend that I believe is an angel sent to me from heaven.
8. I lived in Cambridge, Mass, I hate tv commercials, I love movies and more than once I snuck out of work to go to a movie in Harvard Square.
9. I wish I was a better cook.
10. I have an emotional memory…I remember information by the emotions attached to them. My husband is perplexed by this.
11. I do feng shui, I was an interior designer and I like change.
12. I love love love babies' toes.
13. I have a huge amount of energy and great intuition.
14. I think you can tell it's Saturday just by the quality of light outside.
15. I am a home body and would rather be there than any other place. I hate parties except when I go to them. Then they're ok.
16. I think everything is the opposite of what it seems. Personally, I am a walking, talking contradiction.
17. I never had grandparents, I graduated from high school in 3 years and I don't have any allergies… however I highly recommend a netti pot for your sinuses.
18. I love weather, it always makes me happy to have extreme weather… rain, snow, wind especially thunderstorms. I like winter better than summer, fall better than spring.
19. I love pink. I have always loved pink. Especially fuchsia. I love red, too. I think red is a neutral and goes with anything.
20. I worked in San Francisco for a year.


  1. Thank you for your great facebook videos, of I have appropriated a few! And, I love your jewelry.
    - Marjorie Gold