Friday, February 26, 2010

Jimmy Newton

Known as Jimmy, Jim Jim, Jammy, Jiminy Cricket, Newton and Jimmy Newton, he's a shy little rescue dog that got really lucky when his mom picked him! Shy really isn't the word, more like timid and afraid. I hate to imagine what made him that way, but he's sure got a good home now! He looks a lot like a long hair chihuahua except for his droopy ears and at 4 years old weighs not much more than 10 pounds. He's got a brother, kind of a corgi mix, that's just the opposite, an outgoing attention grabber...but I  haven't gotten a good photo of him yet because he never sits still (or when he's resting, I don't have my camera available). Jimmy will shy away from everyone and everything...until you sit down on the sofa... then he's in your lap in an instant. He craves affection and is a really dear dog that wouldn't hurt a flea. Jimmy visits us for doggie day care and daily walks with his brother, Sammy, known collectively as Simmy and Jammy at our house!

Center Stage Auction This Sunday on WBAL

This Sunday on WBAL radio, from 8am until midnight, the Center Stage Auction will be happening to raise money for this incredible Baltimore institution. You can bid on lots of exceptional offering including services (like pet sitting), jewelry (like beach stones), gift certificates, vacations and other great stuff at potentially reduced prices! I have donated two days of In Home Boarding and the necklace, bracelet and earring set shown above. Check out their website for a listing by category or by the time it will be auctioned on the radio. Some items can be bid on directly on the site and there are lots of photos, just click on the camera icon to the left of the item or go to the websites by clicking on the business name. There are sooooo many great items, I just know there are going to be some great bargains!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Pet Sitting Website

I've just launched my new website for Daly Pet Care.  Please stop by to check it out and leave me a comment. I would love some honest constructive criticism on the site...really. I asked my sister to review it and she "mentioned" it would be nice if I put my phone number! What was I thinking??? Sometimes it's the most obvious things we forget! Anyway, for those of you that don't know, I offer pet visits in your home while you're away, daily dog walking and In Home Boarding where we welcome your dogs into our home for an extended stay/vacation. I gotta tell ya...I am really loving my pet business! I have worked mostly with dogs, although I love cats and other animals, but the daily walks with my beloved dogs have not only been great fun but good for my blood pressure, (which wasn't particularly bad, but now it's 111/64!) my head (all that wonderful outdoor time) and I just know it will eventually get around to my waistline!

New Works

Some new items just posted on esty. The small cylinders are cores from my grommet necklace. Personally, I am really loving the pins. They are fun to make and striking. This one has a cubic zirconium mounted on it and the dangling stone moves freely. The base stone is actually made with polymer clay , which works especially well for this application because it is light weight and I could easily make the back flat so that it lays very nicely.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Meet Smokey. Smokey is a 17 year old long haired miniature dachshund who weighs in at about 9 lbs. Even though he only seems to visually distinguish darks and lights, he gets around unfamiliar territory well with his sense of smell. He's deaf and arthritic and has no teeth but he is intrepid and gets what he needs when he needs going out for a pee or snuggling up at night with my husband or son...he much prefers them to me! He loves turkey and cheese and the highlight of his day is his ball of cream cheese filled with his meds...yum! And he sleeps a would I if I were his age! Smokey visits us while his much loved Mom and Dad spend time in Arizona. You go, Smokey!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Meet Pete...named for Peter the Great! He visits us from Silver Spring when his mom travels. Chester is a 7 year old beauty of an English Springer Spaniel. He is has those winsome eyes and a joyful energy that puts a smile on our face just about all the time. And oh those curls and feathers! There's nothing like a good walk with lots of sniffing for him...but ask him to settle and he's down 'til you're up! And he looks sooo good on our bed!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Meet Nellie. She is a bundle of adorable. Just looking at her makes me want hold her! She is a 11 lb. miniature poodle rescued from a puppy mill by her Mama. She has a little separation anxiety but it's easy to take her with you most places. She visits us when her mom and dad are out of town. She is smart and sweet and can jump into your lap from 4 feet away and land so lightly, you're stunned! Put her on the bed and she turns it on...jumping, racing, playing...oh how we love her! The only thing about Nellie... is saying goodbye!



Meet Chester the English Springer Spaniel. He is 15, arthritic and his faculties are limited. But he still loves food and to go for a good walk. He also likes to eat poop! He is sweet and usually gentle, except when it comes to a good bone or a sore joint. I don't blame him a bit. Chester was one of my first dogs....sweet Chester!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard Number 2


There used to be a fence there...and a street and cars! The ice age seems to be arriving in Baltimore.

Monday, February 1, 2010


How can electricity be static? Must have missed that day in science class. I know that I've been static since Christmas, which of course has nothing to do with electricity. I'm feeling "back" today, if not quite dynamic, even though it's nine degrees outside with 6 inches of snow on the ground. I'm back in the studio, uncovering my work bench...and I'll go from there. It feels like I've been away from "making" for a long time. My dogs and my family have kept me plenty busy, but now's the time to get back to work. Yes, I've convinced myself, today's the day!