Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doodlage does good!

I’ve been on etsy now for just over a year. I haven’t really sold much but I keep plugging away. My shows usually do well; I have some wholesale accounts. So I’m not complaining. Etsy keeps me working to up my game, improve photography and enter the world of blogs! But early on, I spent hours online exploring how to snag some online sales. Consequently, I “stopped by” my etsy site way too many times a day! Since sales seemed pretty remote, hearts were my lifeblood. That’s how I met Rashell of Doodlage.

I decided one day I had to let it go, this time suck was not getting me anywhere and it was much more satisfying and productive to actually make jewelry. So I vowed to simply celebrate when I got to 100 hearts and checked in when I had a chance. My hearts grew…until one day, there it was!

Rashell was number 100! And btw, she goes by Shelly (my name) and btw she works with beach stones (me, too!)! I know, it’s not fate, just a coincidence of statistics. But it was cause for some much needed etsy excitement as well as an introduction to the wonderful person behind Doodlage. Shelly is thoughtful, generous, talented and funny. She didn’t seem to blink at my celebratory enthusiasm that might very well have scared another person away! She was perfect to celebrate with!

I just visited her shop today! She still makes her wonderful doodled stones but she also makes beautiful paper cuttings and original color drawing, she uses Japanese paper on clothes pins and creates handmade beads to name a just a few of her treasures. And to top it off, she sells tutorials on photography for 3 dollars! But here’s the best part, I just get this incredible vibe from both her and her work. She really is playing or doodling with no pre text of making it into work. Her “play” is honest and fun and I love it!

Shelly and I still communicate occasionally. I sent her a stacked stone necklace; she sent me a magical doodled stone that I treasure and keep close by for good luck. Of course, my stone arrived in hand printed paper folded in an origami pattern and tied with a hand died silk ribbon. She also very graciously shared her photography tips with me although I still have a long way to go before that’s a simple task! I love Shelly and people like her! Keep on doodling, baby!

Check out her shop and feel the vibe!

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  1. There's nothing worse than pouring your heart out & then wondering if anyone is listening... I just found your blog & read it! So keep writing! People are Reading! Oh- and you mentioned on FB a prob w/ loading pics on your blog... I have same prob loading pics on FB when I am using Firefox/Mozilla as my browser. when I switch to Explorer, all works fine. Just thought I'd pass that tidbit along... best of Luck Shelly! I'm not sure how this comment will post so I am posting as "anonymous" but it's ok that you know I'm....
    Nancy D.T.