Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today is the first day

Today is the first day...real day...that I have commited to a blog. I don't know what I'll say, I don't know if anyone's going to listen. But, you gotta start somewhere, that's the hardest part.
I guess I'll just state my ideas for this venue. I would like to grow my small business not only because I love what I do, but because I don't want to get a real job! I used to be a commercial interior designer, but the mommy track coincided with the advent of computer aided design and I fell behind. Which gave me an opportunity to reconsider my future, change careers as it were. I did some feng shui, some residential design but making jewelry is what stuck.
So all things related to building a craft business are of interest to me. Design, production, supplies, pr (especially), packaging, display, organization, inspiration and especially the people.
But right up there on the priority list is being a mom. One son is a sophmore in college, beginning his "launching" process, the other is in 8th grade. Great kids. It's been quite a ride. Changes everything. True love. That topic is always on my mind. School, academics, creativity, socializing, sports and just plan amazement at the people they have become. And we made them, double amazing!
And then there's location, location, location! I live in Baltimore, moved here from Boston but am from Cincinnati. In my ever expanding adult life, I've lived in Columbus, Ohio and San Francisco but I've lived longest in Baltimore and I consider it home. My kids do, too. It's a quirky place, John Waters and all that, but charming and a great place to raise kids. Affordable yet culturally astute with fine museums, a symphony orchestra and DC's nearby.
So, what's on my mind right at the moment is promoting. Promoting my business and my work. Finding retail show options year round and identifying retailers that would be good matches for wholesaling . Time is what I need most, but then there's the laundry, the house.
Ok, enough already!
I've begun and that's what counts.

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  1. Very cool Shelly! Love the bracelet in the main photo! Do you have more of your work posted?

    Elaine Pratt