Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brandy, Chester and Sadie

I have a family of new friends. There are three of them. The matriarch's name is Brandy. She is elderly and has short brown thinning hair, a long, regal nose, bad legs and very sweet, rheumy eyes that don't see very well. She struggles getting around and needs some help, but seems content with her quiet life. Dad's name is Chester and he's getting up there in years, too. He's the strong silent type with black & white waves, thick, hairy legs and big feet. He moves around pretty well but can be slow and tend to tire easily and he just might not quite hear everything. Sadie is the youngest, energetic, friendly and just plain cute with her freckly, pug nose, round eyes,and soft, wavy multi colored hair on her compact frame. She can't help stealing the show. She's a natural attention getter that is barely able to contain her joy when she's with you and likes to snuggle up close, preferably in your lap, when the activity quiets down.

Brandy, Chester and Sadie are my new canine charges each day at 2:30. My daily visit comes with the promise of a brief afternoon outing for a poop and pee break, a little conversation and lots of good strokes! Today they were quieter than I expected and I was reminded that they are just getting to know me, too. So we're on this little journey together. I look forward to getting to know the wise Brandy and Chester and the vivacious, snuggly Sadie.

In a way, they're kind of like my three little bears...except I'm not Goldilocks and I won't run away or eat their chow or break their beds, either!


  1. Has Twinks met them yet? That's a nice photo on top there.

  2. No, I'm not sure she's invited. She also has a black cat, so it's a pretty full house!

  3. shelly. I am enjoying reading your blog. You write as beautifully as you create your jewelry!