Saturday, September 26, 2009

If you were 17 Again?

When I got married 21 years ago, these are the four things that we added to our lives that made it easier and more fun: an answering machine, VCR, microwave and dishwasher. Three of those things need no explanation. But the VCR....I love movies and it was a revelation to be able to watch one when we wanted to vs. when it was in the theaters or on TV. I personally dislike the distraction and ulterior motives of tv commercials, so there are only a few shows I'm willing to watch. I love Law & Order. But most often it's movies. Between Netflix and Redbox, there is always one available. To me, movies are like chocolate. Instant gratification. Animated story telling that I get to choose, the equivalent of being read a book, but for adults!
Of course, sometimes I get one that isn't so great. I'm embarassed to admit I watched "17 Again" last night. In my defense, family movies are hard to find. On the other hand, I had no expectations of great movie, so it was better than it could of been.
But here's the real upside; my eighth grader asked me today in the car "Would you have done anything different?"
Here was a golden teachable moment! A chance to offer my child the wisdom (hopefully that's what it is) of my years ! How many times does a parent get the chance to have that conversation with their 13 year old, especially when they're actually interested in listening to what you might have to say? Everyone's answer to that would be different. Mine went something like be yourself, don't worry about being cool, make your own choices, ask for help when you need it.
I'm a lucky mom and that was definitely worth the cost of watching and renting the movie!


  1. E said that?? I'll bet he didn't know what he was getting himself into. But you still didn't say what you would have done different?

  2. actually I did...ask the man and see if he was listening!

  3. great advice. Love those conversations...they are life changing/enhancing and soooo heartfelt...xoKate