Monday, September 28, 2009

My Husband Walter

I kept asking my husband if he’d seen my blog? His answers were along the lines of "No, too busy", "Not today" or "Maybe tomorrow".

I was beginning to think he had something against me blogging or that he just wasn't interested. Finally today he casually mentioned over a dinner of pot stickers and rice, that the link I had sent him had gone into his junk mail (This was not a good beginning…) but he had saved it and found his way over to my blog. I was anxious to hear what he might have to say. I value his opinion as not only a fellow designer (he’s an architect) but as an honest critic.

To my surprise (or in retrospect, predictably) he said “You don’t mention me.”

Now, I’m just saying…Walter is a wonderful guy, likable, funny, a great dad and a good life companion, I would even say humble, but don’t you think he might have had some other comment, like maybe “interesting"? I would even have preferred "boring". So what am I to garner from that comment? Not much, as far as I can tell, except that maybe he's not my "target gender"?

And so my dear Walter, be careful what you wish for 'cuz here you are!


  1. ahahahaha I like this post the best :)

  2. Family members and blogs are an interesting mix.
    And tell dear Walter he can commiserate any day with David about being married to a blogger.

  3. ...cant read your descriptions of the Cape cause I just want to be there. It's way past "interesting". I'm just SMH.
    (cool people know that means Shakin my Head)