Friday, February 26, 2010

Jimmy Newton

Known as Jimmy, Jim Jim, Jammy, Jiminy Cricket, Newton and Jimmy Newton, he's a shy little rescue dog that got really lucky when his mom picked him! Shy really isn't the word, more like timid and afraid. I hate to imagine what made him that way, but he's sure got a good home now! He looks a lot like a long hair chihuahua except for his droopy ears and at 4 years old weighs not much more than 10 pounds. He's got a brother, kind of a corgi mix, that's just the opposite, an outgoing attention grabber...but I  haven't gotten a good photo of him yet because he never sits still (or when he's resting, I don't have my camera available). Jimmy will shy away from everyone and everything...until you sit down on the sofa... then he's in your lap in an instant. He craves affection and is a really dear dog that wouldn't hurt a flea. Jimmy visits us for doggie day care and daily walks with his brother, Sammy, known collectively as Simmy and Jammy at our house!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Jimmy Newton in your blog!! I got the chills reading what you wrote and cannot thank you enough for your very kind words - both about him and about me! I am beyond thrilled to have found you and have been recommending you to anyone who asks. Shelly: You are the best!
    Jammy & Simmy's mom (aka Emily)