Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ring Me

Etsy is a wonderland of global creativity. I don't mean this to be shameless self promotion, but it's true! Just look at this diverse variety of rings. There's the incredible miniature fantasy worlds from Madrid, Spain by Auka or these adorable and useful pin cushion rings from the Art Nest Shop or the perfect polymer flower ring from The Bline . Remember this holiday season to buy handmade! You'll not only know where your dollars are going, you'll also get the most value for the money and be supporting crafts people across the globe. And since most of us have our studios in our home, we have VERY small carbon footprints!


  1. I love these...they are sooo fun! Thanks, Kate

  2. These rings are sooo much fun!!! PS You do such a great job with photographing your work for Etsy, well done!