Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday You Are Mine

Today I am supposed to be at an Art Teacher's Conference Craft Market. It is raining and cold and I was supposed to be there at 7am and it's 1 1/2 hours away. Up at 4:30am just didn't cut it so I made an executive decision not to go. So much for the $50 entry fee, the lose of sales and seeing my all time favorite teachers. But I have convinced myself they won't be buying much this year and besides, what I thought they might buy, my NeckWreath kits, went unmade.

So Friday, You Are Mine.

Today I do not have to take care of my beloved dogs because I planned the day off (oops, if you're reading this Penny or Mary....sorry, this was not premeditated!!). I do not have to do the wash or make dinner (that means pizza) I do not have to do anything I don't want to do....and I am grateful!

So instead, I am going to give away a NeckWreath kit to you...that person that leaves a message to let me know you visited. This is positive reinforcement for visitors to take the time to leave a message. When I see the number of visitors on the "counter", I wonder who you are, why you visited, what you thought...or are those numbers just counting my visits to my blog. This all sounds so pathetic...and I guess it is... but my mama taught me honesty is the best policy!

My next post is going to be my about our home. We have a cozy, handmade home here in Baltimore and well, I think I'll just share with you how it got that way. I have been reminded how addictive Before and After photos can be when I visit Design Sponge, so I'll try to dig up those horrible Before pics! We moved here 20 years ago from Boston and bought the biggest house in the best neighborhood we could afford. It was not pretty, but it had good bones and we saw the potential. So please come back and see how our home evolved, room by room, year by year.....

Until then....don't forget to leave me a message that you visited and if you're the first, please make sure I know how to contact you so I can send you a NeckWreath kit. Let me know your favorite colors, too!


  1. Hi Shelly -

    I visited cause I wanted to sign up to follow your blog. I love your jewelery! A HUGE inspiration for me is the ocean, and your beach stone items always make me smile.

    Hope you enjoyed your day for off to follow you...and I'm sure I'll meet you somewhere, sometime!

  2. Ok. we are both bloggers now. and reading other blogs. what a world out there! come and see me soon, i am selling out!

  3. So here I am - just so you know...and you're Mama was right. Hope your Friday came out to be everything you needed it to be...xo

  4. I know, I'm late on this but I wanted to tell you that I do drop by sometimes.. You're a very good writer!

  5. Hi. I have three dogs that I love dearly but I also know how nice it is to have a day with no one/no pet demanding ones time and attention.... yet, when those days come few and far between I still feel a tad bit guilty. I came to find your blog thru Art Jewelry - I LOVE jewelry made from stone and yours are fabulous. Keep up the great work.