Monday, March 8, 2010


I walk Callie everyday. She is a smart 90 lb. female lab that I call the warrior princess for obvious reasons. She is that dog that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face because she greets me with such joy. She can jump straight up off the ground repeatedly when she's excited to see you, which is a feat for a dog this size! I walk her off leash in beautiful, safe and sanctioned neighborhood park along a stream. This makes for a great walk for both of us, but it's important to me that she comes when I call her. She is very bright and can be will fill and uninterested in listening when she's onto a scent.  We've worked on teaching each other the best way to communicate. Over time, we've developed effective listening skills based on give and take... I give her some extra space when she's really engaged and she listens when I do which time she knows I always take a bone from my  pocket. Love you, Callie!

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