Sunday, November 22, 2009


See that young man a few posts down? That's my son, Ian. He is a quiet and thoughtful boy with a wry sense of humor. He is studious, friendly, kind, he plays soccer and squash and keyboard and is thinking he might like to be a runner. And he just got the MVP of the Year award on his soccer team! My husband, Walter and I, are SO proud of this boy, who put his all into his soccer team, never missed practice, always had a good attitude, supported his team mates and was rewarded for his quiet, positive team role. This young man could not make us any prouder of his brother, Marshall, he has eclipsed me in his maturity and intelligence. This soon to be man has made us tearful with pride in the person he has become. I am so grateful for these two amazing boys that are my sons! We must have done something right along the way and I'm almost sure it was massive doses of love!

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  1. Congratulations! You should be proud! Tell Iam that MVP is more important than goals scored, etc. Outstanding!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!